LightPress Pro

Powerful Pro lightbox for WordPress.

Opens most image formats. Open videos, PDfs, maps, iframes, and other media. Easily create modal pop-ups. Perfect on mobile. Lots of customization options.

Introducing the New Pro Lightbox


Thumbnails in Lightbox

Show thumbnails in lightbox. Multiple styles. Toggle to show/hide.

Fullscreen Lightbox

Enable (or not) ability to toggle lightbox fullscreen.

Customize Toolbar

Show toolbar buttons: thumbs, slideshow, fullscreen, zoom, transformation.

Open Everything

Open most image formats, videos, PDFs, maps, inline content, iframes.

Automatic Media Detect

Automatically detect media to open in lightbox.

Customize Appearance

Fully customize appearance and lightbox behavior.

Slideshows & Transitions

Optionally enable slideshows. Customization transition styles.

Perfect on Mobile

Perfect mobile & touch optimization including swipe, drag, pinch-to-zoom.

Image Zooming

Zoom images with toolbar buttons + pinch-to-zoom on mobile.

Image Transformation

Optionally enable image transsformation controles

Open Google Maps

Open Google Maps (with full functionality) in a lightbox.

Easily create Modals

The easiest way to create modals and popups on your website.

This is a modal!

Easy Fancybox allows you to add modals easily! Add a group block, give it an html anchor like #uniqueID, add content using the block editor, and add the “fancybox-hidden” class to hide it initially.

Then add a link or button that links to same anchor to open it.

Extra tip: The close button below is a normal button block with the “data-fancybox-close” attribute, which makes it close this modal.